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Contract Management Software Built for the Bottom Line

Make smarter business decisions with our people and our technology.

Treat Your Contracts Like The Assets They Are

Your business data has a lot of homes. One is your contract folder. It’s time to unlock the value there – but it’s best done with an optimization strategy in place first.


With the help of technology, creative thinking and talent, it’s time to start building your contract strategy for bottom-line benefit with contract management software.

The Only Contract Management System With Smart Insights at its Core

See What Exigent's Software Can Do

Reveal commercially beneficial ways to improve your business. Our contract management software is designed to help you prevent revenue leakage, mitigate risk and gain concrete financial benefit, both immediately and long-term.

A winning combination: powerful platform, proven methodology, dedicated support.

Where does contract optimization begin?

Your mountain of accumulated contracts should be working harder for you. Exigent uses technology and business acumen to change the game and recruit your contract data for future success.

Align with your entire organization

Legal isn’t the only department that benefits from contract optimization. With custom-architected contract management software solutions, you can break silos and achieve company-wide results.

Mitigate risks around compliance

Data regulations and compliance standards require that you understand how and where your contracts are stored. With an increase in complexity and litigation, that understanding is more difficult than ever to reach – unless you’re enabled by the right tools, processes and people.

Enforce your contractual obligations

Our flexible, cloud-based solution removes the inefficiencies inherent in undefined parameters and lack of standardization. Control your contract performance with meaningful reports and a central system of alerts.

Marry technology and expertise

Our team offers multi-language support and technical skills globally 24/7. When you combine experienced reviewers with the strongest contract management technology, you begin to find value in your portfolio.

What Else Can Your Contracts Do For You?

Business Analytics Software

Extract the value in your contract data and create customized reports and dashboards to help the board make better decisions.

Document Creation Software

Quickly and easily draft, sign and execute simple agreements with Exigent's document generation and automation tool.

Legal Spend and Matter Management

Efficient delivery is part of legal's burden. Understanding that spend is a business lever, we analyze and optimize to create savings.

Exigent Consulting

Our personal-style consulting services reflect our commitment to solving our clients' business challenges.

By weaving the knowledge and skill of our expert lawyers into the tool, we’re enabling legal departments to cut costs without compromising quality.

Matthew Peters

National Innovation Leader, McCarthy Tétrault

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