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Finding Opportunities for Enterprise Impact

How We Help Legal Departments

Changing the narrative and delivering enterprise value

Is “it’s stuck in legal” a common refrain in your organization? World-class legal departments drive growth, quantify ROI and deliver digital transformation. Exigent partners with legal departments to optimize the delivery of legal services and create business outcomes.

Fragmented procedures; poor visibility into contracts and terms; and inefficient, manual processes are some of the main obstacles preventing legal departments from delivering value. In many cases, these issues create noise from business stakeholders and reinforce the reputation of legal as bureaucratic.

Exigent works with legal operations professionals and GCs to understand their goals and meet them where they are on their transformation to driving value. Together, we identify high-priority opportunities and implementation strategies that will create the kind of business outcomes that matter to C-suite stakeholders. Our team of legal, financial and technology experts can support multiple drivers of enterprise value.

What are your enterprise goals?

Growth and Productivity

Speeding up sales cycles​

Shortening order-to-cash cycles​

Eliminating revenue leakage​

Adapting quickly to changing business conditions​

Scaling resources and increasing productivity

Digital Transformation

Creating technology roadmaps

Managing change

Implementing CLM strategy

Automating manual processes

Leveraging AI and machine learning

Developing training and playbooks

Return on Investment

Quantifying financial and legal risks

Managing compliance​

Delivering commercial insights and analytics​

Identifying cost savings

Technology-driven managed services

Why Legal Departments Choose Exigent

We’re a business partner

Our solutions are built to help you create business outcomes, whether you need a custom solution or pilot project. Our approach ensures results and avoids surprises.​

Multi-skilled team that scales with your needs

From low- to high-complexity projects, we have a range of skill sets at the ready for when your requirements change, including lawyers, contract managers, consultants, data analysts, technologists and legal operations and administrative specialists.

Technology, data and analytics expertise

We’re known for making technology work harder to surface meaningful insights. We help improve decision-making, efficiency and accuracy to help firms exceed their clients' expectations.

Design thinking and development capabilities​​

Our R&D team can collaborate with you to solve your toughest challenges. From technical integrations and workflows to dashboards and predictive algorithms, we’re ready to partner with you to solve your unique needs.

How can we help you?

Let’s discuss how Exigent can help you support business growth, improve productivity and find cost savings. 

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