Providing assistance to personal injury law firms for over 14 years

Standardized medical case reviews and reports

Expert legal/medical consultants supporting cases

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Providing Expert Personal Injury Information To Law Firms For 12 Years

Expert value-added services to support personal injury and medical defense law firms

At Exigent, we offer you an end-to-end personal injury (PI) support service which includes legal and nursing insight and advice, administration or outsourcing of paralegal and legal support, trial preparation and expert witness provision.

Exigent’s team of ELCs

Our expert legal/medical consultants (ELCs) provide the highest level of expertise assisting attorneys to determine merits of the case. This includes detailed medical chronology, supporting cases through nursing and physician experts who provide:

  • Timely and precise medical reviews
  • Superior, standardized medical reports
  • Multi-speciality clinical team of experts
  • Deposition analysis

Exigent has been providing assistance to personal injury law firms for over 12 years with highly experienced US qualified experts.

Our service offers the highest level of data security and confidentiality as well as the convenience of uploading records securely and efficiently.

Medical and legal records review

Our legal and medical teams provide complete litigation support  including:

  • Medical records retrieval, organizing and indexing
  • Medical chronologies in both SOAP and narrative formats
  • Insightful analysis of potential medical negligence
  • Pre-trial medical submissions
  • Deposition analysis and summary
  • Case briefs in mass tort cases
  • Demands, complaints and discovery
  • Legal research and verdict searches
  • Motions and briefs

Exigent differentiators

Impeccable quality with added value:

  • Economic advantage and combined expertise of our clinical and legal teams
  • Trained resources readily available for immediate deployment without additional training
  • Medical professionals and legal support readily available