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Immigration Legal Services

Overcome Immigration Challenges: Time, Cost and Security

Exigent’s immigration services help you keep pace

Immigration laws are in a state of flux, requiring organisational agility to keep up with these changes.

To ensure full and constant compliance, you need expertise on hand, but in-house experts are prohibitively costly in this high-demand arena, especially as they must invest time and be able to move quickly.  Combining the latest in technology, multi-shore resources, and an agile approach, Exigent ensures your firm or corporation can keep up with ever-changing immigration legislation.  We plug right into your existing operations systems and processes to get the work done more efficiently.

Achieve peace of mind by reducing risk

Data security of personal information is vital and, given the massive amount of personal data contained within immigration forms and petitions, your data policy must be second to none.  Ours is.  We adhere to GDPR and other data security regulations across the globe. Exigent takes security seriously; with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and the attention to detail of our experts, your data remains within your system.  We work on highly certified, secure remote systems to ensure that your data does not leave your server.

Trusting an outsourced provider for immigration services means you save time for higher-value, large-impact tasks.  Our dedicated team of specialists saves you that time by doing so much more than collating and curating data.  We provide the expertise for end-to-end visa petition drafting services, including drafting support letters and memoranda, assessing and validating support documentation and providing process and metrics-driven project management.



Offering capacity increase



Improvement in turnaround




Lower petition processing costs

Dedication and efficiency can play nicely together — when you have an outsourced team.

Visa petition drafting services

Exigent drafts in excess of 25,000 immigration petitions in diversified immigration platforms annually.  With a 120-strong team of experts who have more than a decade of experience, in-depth knowledge of immigration regulations, and deep technical skills, we make it easy for you.

Paralegal and administrative services

Boost efficiency and expedite your petition processes.  Having the right support during the CAP season is vital to the speed and efficiency of your immigration process.  At Exigent, we provide skilled support professionals to address your evolving immigration requirements and get the job done.

Our efficient, reliable processes keep your data secure and your customers happy

Our range of services includes visas, immigration newsletters, docketing and document liaison. A single-point-of-contact approach keeps the process clean, leading to our 99.9% product quality approval rating.

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