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Legal Document Services to Optimize Your Team

Build a foundation on the right ratio

Your skilled legal secretaries often end up doing basic clerical work. It’s the wrong people doing the wrong tasks — and it’s expensive. So how do you redesign roles to extract value, while completing all of the required operational tasks?

Remodeling for efficiency

Your teams are stacked with knowledge, and they should be using it. We can remodel your team with our legal document services to empower your admins and remove document services from their task lists, reducing costs and creating efficiencies you didn’t know were possible. With growing pressure to establish a better ratio of secretaries to lawyers, and new clerical work being added every day, you need a stronger team structure.

From transferring your documents into house style to transcription, Exigent offers accurate, timely document services with a consultative approach, so every initiative is designed specifically for your requirements.

See how Exigent helped one law firm save 60% against agency rates and recoup millions in possible lost revenue.


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Go Beyond Due Diligence

Learn how to profit from the due diligence process post-acquisition.

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Saved through outsourcing


Secretary to lawyer ratio achieved

You don't have to hire clerical support to transform your team.

Legal Document Services

Get access to low-cost, high-yield support to power your team

Our legal document services specialists are skilled, always-available legal admins who provide your exact required work without becoming a cost center.

Identify areas for improvement and efficiencies

Trained as legal secretaries, our specialists go beyond review; they are encouraged to suggest new efficiencies wherever they arise.

Promote your staff to revenue-generating roles

Legal secretaries are more than clerks. Exigent helps you harness their skills to create business impact beyond the menial tasks.

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