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Discover Your New Virtual Legal Assistant

Clerical support is required — but often comes at too high a cost

Hiring additional support for your legal team or firm is time consuming and expensive. But diary management, travel bookings, general email replies and invoicing are all critical aspects of keeping your team running. How do you find a balance between good work and low cost?

Access support when you need it most

With a mode of service delivery that allows for virtual services only on the days when you most need them, Exigent ensures you won’t waste time finding — or being — the resource that gets the job done. Our virtual PA is available for as little or as much work as necessary.

If a big case is at its peak, or you win a new customer, you may need a bit of additional support. The PA can lift those organizational tasks from your shoulders and free you up to concentrate on revenue-generating efforts.

Economic and political realities are squeezing budgets tight. But it’s a new dawn for the legal market, and opportunities and threats abound.

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Document services support



Client satisfaction



Saving achieved against agency rates

Leverage the talent, technology and inventive thinking of Exigent to get the work done right, for less.

Depend on dedicated and available teams trained in your industry and requirements

Our team members are available for 24/7 support in two delivery centers, giving you the flexibility necessary to save on costs and keep up with deadlines.

Realize 30% savings against your in-house costs

It’s time to rein in the budget without losing on quality. Exigent helps you optimize your internal resources by giving you the right external resources to get low-value tasks done right.

Discover services that lift the clerical burden and help you do legal better

We provide services like calendar management, e-filing, virtual legal assistant and more. But we don’t stop there. Our eyes are always on helping our clients improve business results.

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