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Chris Holme appointed as GC across Exigent and Bright Minds Capital Partners

London, June 23, 2020, Exigent, and BrightMinds Capital Partners are delighted to announce the appointment of Chris Holme as General Counsel, working across both organizations.

As a lawyer with more than 30 years’ experience, including working in a top 5 city firm, Chris will be assisting in the growth and development of both Exigent and Bright Minds Capital Partners, offering business solutions covering all legal, commercial, and regulatory matters.

Chris has vast experience in managing transactions and contractual matters across a variety of sectors from transportation to pharmaceuticals and healthcare, essential for his work with Bright Minds Capital Partners. His time spent in the fast-paced, highly competitive telecoms sector with Cloud9 Mobile Communications, now part of the Wireless Logic Group, will also prove vital to his work with Exigent.

Chris said: “I was a key partner in the creation of Exigent and I’ll be helping with all corporate matters, from growth and acquisitions to international contracting to dispute resolution and corporate governance. This is an exciting time for both organizations and I believe my strategic and pragmatic approach, coupled with my hands-on expertise, will work well for Bright Minds and Exigent.”

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Andrée Beckham
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