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Quick and easy way to draft, sign and execute standardized documents



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Chameleon DocBuilder Generates Documentation In An Instant



Exigent’s Chameleon DocBuilder is an easy to use document generation and automation tool, ideal for simple agreements, NDAs and other legal documents. It gives you a quick and easy way to draft, sign and execute simple agreements. The tool is totally customisable and adaptable to your specific needs.

The technology is built by Exigent and the legal logic by McCarthy Tetrault. This tool will allow you to reduce time spent drafting and allow other stakeholders (sales, procurement, etc) to build their own standard contracts that conform to legal department standards. It also allows you an option to store and manage your smart contracts in one integrated, web-enabled secure central repository.


  • Chameleon Integration

Could be used as a standalone product or fully integrated with Exigent contract management software – Chameleon

  • Quick Data Population

Capture all of the necessary data and information to complete the document

  • Easily Customisable

Contract and document templates are created and customized by our legal experts based on your specific needs and requirements

  • DocuSign Integration

Allowing you to sign, send and receive fully executed contracts without the need to print, manually sign, and scan

Key benefits

  • Increase speed

Eliminate time wasted on contracts (such as NDAs) that follow standard format and require minimum input, knowledge or expertise

  • Cost saving

Reduce document drafting costs by up to 75%

  • Risk mitigation

Avoid non-legal employees using old or incorrect template. Human error entering in simple yet crucial

  • Efficient tracking

Always keep track of where the NDA is within the execution cycle

  • Effective integration

Integrate document creation with Chameleon contract management system

How it works

Valuable legal human resources are used to manage “fill in the blank” standard agreements. By automatically populating standard agreements in response to simple, plain language questions, time, money and resources can be moved to higher value contract drafting and review.

Key differentiators

  • Competitive pricing
  • Expert legal team that can help build new templates and questionnaires
  • Automatic tagging and upload to Chameleon
  • Obligations within all agreements can be easily managed post execution