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Chameleon DocBuilder in the press

Recently launched document automation tool receives global media attention

The press gave Exigent’s new document automation tool, Chameleon DocBuilder, a warm reception, covering the launch of the new addition to the contract management suite with enthusiasm.

In Australia, Lawyers Weekly said:

“The main feature of the new tool is that it’s “easily customisable”, allowing contract and document templates to be created and customised by Exigent’s legal experts based on a company’s specific requirements. Another key feature is […] its “quick data population”. […] The tool captures all of the necessary data and information to complete a document. On top of this, the tool is fully integrated with DocuSign, allowing teams to sign, send and receive fully executed contracts without the need to print, manually sign or scan.”

In the UK, Legal IT Insider commented on Exigent’s partnership with leading Canadian law firm, McCarthy Tétrault:

“McCarthy Tétrault has already gained international recognition for its client contract management solution in cooperation with Exigent, whereby it helps clients to turn their contracts into templates and playbooks, reviews any deviations from the playbook, and stores the contracts in a central repository to track the contract lifecyle.”

With coverage in the National Post and  The Lawyer’s Daily the Canadian market has also been  interested in DocBuilder:

“David Holme, CEO of Exigent, said Chameleon DocBuilder is made to free up time from a company’s legal counsels who now spend a lot of their time creating and managing these kinds of documents, which in many cases follow a standardized format and style. Most of this type of document creation can be automated, said Holme. Chameleon DocBuilder does this by allowing a legal template to be created and then filled in by a person answering simple, plain language questions. By following these questions, a person can create the needed documents quickly.“This was entirely designed to free up time and capacity taken up now by simple and routine tasks,” added Holme.”

To know more about Chameleon DocBuilder and how you can save up to 75% on document creation, please visit or contact Exigent at