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When Medicine Met Law, Law Met Technology, and Then Analytics Showed Up

February 22, 2021



Amy Dennerlein, RN, BSN, our Director of Medical Legal Solutions provides her unique perspective on how our Mind Factory solution works together with our Nurse Consultants to deliver results.

I am a nurse. I am not a numbers person, I am certainly not a technologist, and analytics was new to me until I began my career with Exigent.

I won’t deny that it has been a journey with Exigent’s Mind Factory, which combines the expertise of our nursing team with data driven minds. Of course, I was a skeptic at first.  I am much more of an Erin Brockovich fan than Money Ball. But over time, I have embraced the importance of data’s value in the legal aspect of medicine.

I have learned that data needs to be structured in a way, that it can easily be ingested. That data can then be used in cases that require reliable medical record reviews. With our technology, this information is easily at your fingertips. What you’ll get from the Mind Factory includes: case comparisons, an impactful visual “map” for the jury, and more.

Now, let’s put this technology into a real-life case example. (Think Erin Brockovich.) If there were a case involving victims with health issues related to living near a polluted plant, with today’s technology, those claimants would have scanned a QR code and used technology and algorithms.  Pamela Duncan and Donna Jensen would have been able to be part of a central database and external factors could have been factored into their claim on day one. The days of endless piles of paper are over.

This is an incredible change in how data is collected, reviewed, and assessed.  However, the medical analysis by our nurses is key to the success of our technology’s accuracy. Our collaborative teams work together to ensure accuracy in data entry, providing our clients with quick and reliable results.  Imagine the power of combining expertly assessed records with technology, external sources, and math?  But I think it will become the gold standard; after all, why would you not avail yourself of these tools?

The medical industry has been a mile ahead in analytics for years.  The legal industry needs to catch up.  Our Exigent team moves the dial forward for our clients, allowing rapid case assessment with factual data, and medical analysis at the touch of a finger.