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During these uncertain times, we understand that organizations are making some difficult decisions. Let Exigent take on the burden left by COVID-19 to supplement your team with cost-effective support.

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Due Diligence, Compliance, eDiscovery

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Contract Review Services Enhanced by Technology

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Secretarial & Document Support

Immigration Services

Visa Petition Drafting, I-9 Compliance Support, Case Intake & Data Management

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Investigation, Analysis & Research, Report Writing, Testimony

Medical Legal Solutions

Medical Negligence Case Analysis, Personal Injury Solutions, Mass Tort Analysis, Defense Case Analysis

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The pandemic has rocked the legal industry on a global scale. The shifted economic and social landscape has disrupted — or even shut down — many legal offices and...

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8 Key Issues for Your Company’s Pandemic Risk Matrix: What the COVID-19 Data Explosion Means for Business & Legal Risks

We’re in the middle of a data explosion. Today a Google search of COVID-19 generates almost 3.5 billion results; and searching for coronavirus (official name ‘SARS-CoV-2’), the virus that...

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