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5 Use Cases for AI and Automation Tools in Your Corporate Legal Department

March 2, 2023

While legal departments must be cautious in their use of ChatGPT, especially regarding the risk of accidentally sharing sensitive information, many standard applications could provide immediate benefits. These include:

1. Legal intake: Instantly develop lists of questions with information you need to complete a legal project like drafting an NDA (e.g., party names, nature of protected information, effective period) **Create your Legal Intake system with Microsoft & SharePoint today

2. Writing emails and messages: ChatGPT can turn legal intake requests and other information into user-friendly emails

3. Rephrasing legal information for non-legal audiences: Taking complex legal concepts and distilling them into easy-to-understand text for lay audiences to be used in ‘Playbooks

4. Drafting documents: Create a starting point for drafting basic document concepts and terms (e.g., a standard governing law provision in a contract)

5. Creating a playbook: Guides and scripts are a great way to develop a self-serve model for the other departments frequently asked legal requests via. Playbooks. These playbooks can help departments save time on the interaction between non-legal for repetitive and predictable events (e.g., negotiating a sales contract).

Improve Your Use of AI in Legal Today with Exigent

AI, like ChatGPT, is an automation tool that will improve the work experiences of in-house lawyers who embrace its ability to optimize workflows.

Exigent is a lover of both AI and Microsoft tools. We provide bespoke support for developing and automating legal workflows, creating legal intake dashboards, triaging and tracking key KPIs to help departments report on metrics all using Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Consult with our representatives today about creating a custom solution to help your legal department become performance based.


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Exigent is an Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP) breaking industry boundaries and raising the bar for data-driven decision-making. With a powerful combination of technology, legal expertise, and business acumen, Exigent creates expert solutions that drive better legal and business outcomes for law firms and corporations.

Exigent delivers scale, expertise, and insights that generate bigger returns for CLM – Contract Lifecycle Management, Legal Spend Management, e-Billing, Due Diligence, Document Review, eDiscovery and Litigation Support, Commercial Services, Regulatory & Compliance, Outsourced Legal Administration, and  Legal Tech Design. 

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